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The world around us is changing rapidly...Let’s discover the 3 basic influencers on our future workplace design

Aujourd'hui, le travail n'est plus basé sur le concept lieux/temps, mais sur celui de activités/espaces. Les transformations et l'évolution des bâtiments, accompagnés par les nouvelles technologies et les nouvelles méthodes de management conduisent à un mutation des environnements de travail. 
Quelles tendances sociologiques et technologiques qui façonnent de nouveaux espaces professionnels, allez-vous devoir prendre en compte  ?

We invite you to join us in 3 seminars. Each will be hosted by different speakers guiding us in their area of expertise being Building (brics), Technology (Bytes) and People (Behaviour). Let’s discover the 3 basic influencers on our future workplace design.

We look forward to your registration. Participation is free. If you are unable to attend, please kindly inform us of this at least 5 days before the seminar. Late cancellations will be charged an administrative fee of 20 euros.


THURSDAY 30/3/'17

Digital Signage, Internet Of Things, Virtual Reality... Samsung brings you up to speed including showcases on how you can easily integrate innovation in a design concept.


18h Welcome
18h30 Technology by Samsung (NL)
20h Walking “showroom” dinner


THURSDAY 27/4/'17

The success of the new way of working is determined by its users. Peak 6 offers you an insight into their hopes and needs.


18h Welcome
18h30 People by Peak 6 (NL)
20h Walking “showroom” dinner


THURSDAY 1/6/'17

Befimmo shows you how the new way of working influences the design of a building.



18h Welcome
18h30 Building by Befimmo (FR)
20h Walking “showroom” dinner


Samsung Electronics 

has grown into a global information technology leader since its founding in Suwon, Korea in 1969. In this fast changing world Samsung is relentless in its pursuit of discovery and innovation, creating technologies and providing services that empower. Opening the door to a world of possibility. How will the future influence our working environment. Let’s get some insight to create our future office environment now. 



is our expert speaker on the insights of “Building” issues related to smarter workplaces. Befimmo is a real-estate operator with 21 years of expertise pursuing a specialist strategy in office buildings located in Belgium, mainly in the centre of Brussels, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. As a specialist in office buildings, Befimmo decided to launch an improvement project of its own head office. Within the framework of the working methods and the Smart Ways of Working, the offices, located in Auderghem (Brussels), were transformed last December into a more modern and flexible working environment.


Peak 6

The new way of working has been coming for some time and will take more and more practical shape in the nearby future. Employee satisfaction increases in proportion to how much people can set their own priorities and are able to divide up the time available to them so that they can achieve the results they want in an efficient manner. The new way of working not only has an impact on day-to-day working and our work/life balance, but having an appropriate office design and layout incontrovertibly forms part of an efficient way of working. How can an office design provide answers? In what areas can interior designers make the difference? What are the priorities? What’s the best way to find a balance between concentration and communication? How can we work efficiently on a team, organisation and individual level? What do employees want/expect?


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